Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm B A C K !

SO, It has been a while ago since my last post.. The reason I didn't blog till now is my laptop broke down. I still could start it, but after fifteen minutes it stucked..
BUT! Thursday is my B'day and my parents gave me the best present ever ever ever (thanx mom and dad!)
I got a new Laptop ;D I kind of wanted a MacBook for a really long time but they are way to expensive so I got this HP Pavilion dv6 and I totally love it! It also has a webcam in it and I like that so much, because I never had a webcam.. Here is one of the first pictures I made with it (:
So today some family will come over to visit (: I always love to see all my family again! Well, I promise I'm gonna post more this week !
Xoxo' Judith

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